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Raw honey is the moisture content of less than 18% of the natural ripe honey. It is also a basic food, the characteristics and the fruits contain similar ingredients, in the digestive system into alkaline. In various forms in honey,Raw honey is one of the most nutritious honey,and the most health.
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1.It can reduce nausea , improve digestion reaction.

2.Rich in a large amount of amylase, advantageous to simplify the starchy foods. Strengthen the absorption of nutrition. Especially suitable for the Chinese food culture.

3.Raw honey can improve the composition of blood, promote the function of heart and blood vessel , it health preserving and blood vessels.

4.It have a protective effect on the liver that can promote the regeneration of liver cells. And it has a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of fatty liver.

5.Raw honey is pure and without filtration, sterilization of honey. Not only can quickly     replenish physical strength, and eliminate fatigue. It contains a variety of enzymes, amino acids, unfiltered pollen and so on. But also can enhance resistance to disease.

6.Raw honey can treat the damage of moderate skin , especially burns, the honey as a wound dressing, skin bacteria can't grow.

7.Insomnia day orally at bedtime 1 tablespoon honey ( add 1 cup of warm water ) , can help fall asleep as soon as possible.

8.Raw honey has a good effect and specially for relaxing bowels.

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