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Macadamia nut flower honey.
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Promote the gallbladder contraction, enhance the vitality of the pancreatic enzyme,promote the oil degradation, accelerate intestinal mucosa absorption. The gallbladder delays ,Have good curative effect.It contains various nutrients of human digestion and absorption rate is extremely high, to reduce gastric acid, to prevent gastritis and duodenal ulcer.Their fatty acids can promote intestinal peristalsis; Adjust intestines and stomach function, body endotoxin, has a mild laxative effect, eliminate chronic constipation; The glucose and fructose composition won't cause burden to intestines and stomach. Rich in vitamins and minerals to be excellent to promote youth's growth and intellectual development.Sterilization detoxification, discharge the waste, under the body to improve the metabolism of whole body, that due to not well Consumption and deposited in the body of excess fat as an energy and get burned.

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