Auhibee Healthcare
Australian integrated product supplier in natural foods, health supplies, pharmacologic drugs and other fields. It has been committed to the safest and the most pollution-free food, natural health care products, medicine research and spread of the best diet method
Auhibee is the baby of nature.
- by the Founder of Auhibee
20 years ago, a tourist visited Australia for the first time. He was astonished by the natural beauty of this land, blue sky, fresh air and green woods. During this trip the tourist visited a honey farm in a national park area, and it was the first time in his life to see how beekeeper works on hive to get natural honey.When he tasted a spoon of honey ,he was deeply impressed by the honey fragrant aroma and unique taste.He realized that the purity of a land is necessary for high quality honey.The tourist decided to promote the high quality honey immediately,he wants such high quality honey can be known to more people and help them to improve the life quality –when they taste honey ,they feel the touch of nature.
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