Living in Australia means that you have to withstand the test of serious environment, rather than propagate rapidly on ideal conditions. Therefore, a typical Australian ecosystems tends to have less biomass but more abundant species than other continents. The poor natural conditions changed result in a broader mutation collapse of original ecological system. Thus a few surviving of the plant species could adapt to a variety of terrain through a series of evolution and propagation.

Eucalyptus belong to the myrtle family, Australia has more than half of the world species of myrtle family . These plants colonized other types of ecological environment. When the Australian continent moving north, the original cool, wet area gradually become warm and dry. In central valleys which is humid and vegetation-covered, can still find the trees and the ferns plants of small communities from the age of the dinosaurs trees.

Myrtle family plants mainly originate in the tropical and subtropical regions in Australia and America, there are about 3000 species, 100 genera. Although myrtle family plants have slender flowers, they have big plants, and their common features is that stamens likes eyelash , filaments  are slender and soft, and ovary inferior. This kind of plants has strong vitality, and the honey brewed with them is antiviral, germicidal, can help the respiratory system, and has antiphlogistic effect as common feature. Besides these , aiming at arthrophlogosis, rheumatalgia , cough, and typhoid fever it also has special effect. Myrtle family plants includes mainly eucalyptus, leptospermum scoparium, manuka, melaleuca, etc.

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