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Australian integrated product supplier in natural foods, health supplies, pharmacologic drugs and other fields. It has been committed to the safest and the most pollution-free food, natural health care products, medicine research and spread of the best diet method

20 years ago, a tourist was on the first journey through Australia, looking at the azure blue sky, the clear fresh air and the shinning green woods, he was lovely enchanted. The tourist went to a honey farm which was located in a national park, for the first time in his life, he watched how beekeeper worked on hive to get natural honey.  And then, a spoon of honey in the lip of the tongue, that was such a fragrant aroma and such a unique taste he could never forget.  Only the purity of a nature land can create such high quality honeys, this should be known to more people, almost at the same moment the tourist decided to introduce the high quality honey to the world, that will help people to improve the life quality, he was sure of that –when they taste honey ,they feel the touch of nature.

Inspired by‘Hive’ and ‘High quality’, the tourist created the brand ‘Auhibee’. He, together with other founders, set up the headquarter in Melbourne, the capital of the state Victoria, Australia. Since then, the team has been devoting all the enthusiasm to study on Australian local bees and honey, to get stable high quality honey products.

Years later, based on the solid cooperation with Australia beekeepers, Auhibee further extended  the honey source to New Zealand. Throughout the company expansion, Auhibee keeps close monitoring on the goods origin, especially the environmental situation of the origin. Healthy and natural environment is the soul of Auhibee , as of today, dedication to the high quality honey has become the culture of Auhibee.

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